Moral Choices

Andrew - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When i was younger i heard of a girl who was killed for telling a gunman that she believed in jesus christ. This influenced me to fight for what i believe in. I believe that people should do what they know is right no matter what the consequences are.

I think that most bad decisions now and in the past have either been due to peer pressure or for personal gain. Peer pressure is one of the most destructive things that someone could do to their friends. I was amazed when i heard about the girl who died for saying she loved jesus, even when they said they would kill her if she said yes. Some people even blame things for their bad choices, like people who plead are under the influence and pleaded innocent for killing someone still made that choice, and should accept the consequences.

Sometimes I see people doing what they know is wrong so they can get something they want. This saddens me because I realize how selfish the human mind can be and that I am also human and have done the same in the past. I wonder if people feel bad about what they’ve done for personal gain, or if they even care.

I’m almost ashamed of what my family members do just so they can have what they want, and I hope that I don’t act that way as well.

I believe that people understand that the choice between right and wrong is up to them but they just choose the wrong thing to do in order to gain something. When I heard about that girl dying for what she believed in it inspired me to change in a way that was more selfless than selfish and hope that i could show people why doing certain things are wrong.

To make the right choice is only up to the person doing the choosing, and hopefully they make the right choice.