I Am Me, Not You

Erin - Cape Carteret, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

I believe in the freedom of choice. The choice to be who I am.

Two weeks ago I was completely uprooted from my home, school, and friends. I was terrified, almost to the verge of tears everyday. I didn’t want to leave everyone and everything that I loved. Only I was forced t by my mother. She decided “we” need a change of pace in life. With no other choice, I said good-bye to the greatest friends I ever had.

It wasn’t always liked that though. There was a time when I abhorred every person in that tiny town. I would literally come home crying to my mother, asking her why everyone laughed at me. They would pick on me, not physically, but mentally. They told me that everything I thought, said, or did was wrong.

I didn’t do anything malicious or vindictive; I just had uncommon interests for my town. While some were reading Junie B. Jones or watching SpongeBob, I was reading and watching Japanime (Japanese comic books or cartoons). When they were learning Spanish, a favorite language there, I was learning Japanese. We never saw eye to eye during middle school. Our arguments became louder and more colorful as we went up in grades. I had no way to defend myself. It was basically my whole class versus me. I was out numbered. The only thing I looked forward to everyday was getting home.

I dreaded when summers came to a close, especially the one before my freshman year. All I could think about was a new group of kids who would pick and make fun of me. How little I knew that I would find the exact opposite. A group of friends that will always accept me for who I am and defend me if I’m in trouble. And I would never hesitate to do the same.

Everyone has the right to be their own person and I hope they find their place like I did.