I Believe Criticism Can Be Posititve

David - Granite Falls, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe statement

I Believe Criticism can be Positive.

I believe you can’t live your life based on the negative things people say. I was told by my seventh grade teacher that I was a bully. He told me I would never amount to anything in life and that I relied on people way too much.

I believe criticism makes you stronger. I play on a football team and I am without a doubt not the best player and I never will be. I also think it’s a coach’s priority to make his players feel like they are just absolutely nothing. In my mind they do this because they know we will push our self to be better and push for excellence.

My dad can say a lot to make me do better or to make me strive to be better, but all he really has to say is “son I am disappointed in you”. That makes me want to push ten times as harder to do better and make him happy and also in the long run make my self happy. When my seventh grade teacher told me that “I would never amount to anything”, I never took school the same way ever again. I used to be quiet, reserved, and never express myself or opinion (so my teachers now can thank him for that). After he said that I pushed my self to do better in school and I did. My eighth grade year was a new start. I made straight A’s part of that year, something I had never done before in middle school. I have not made a grade on a report card below a B since the seventh grade and I am in my first semester of my sophomore year now. Also the picture of Caldwell Early College was painted very clear to me so I sent in my application and look where I’m at now. I am at Early College and I am a successful student who is going to come out of High School with a diploma and a two year associate’s degree.

I wrote my seventh grade teacher a letter when I got accepted to Early College pretty much saying “you told me I would never amount to anything and look at what I am doing and where I am at now, Thank You”. I also try harder in football now especially when they put me and my team down.

So I am a prime example of how criticism can be turned into positive reinforcement. You just have to take the negative and turn it into a positive and try harder then you have ever tried before. Prove them wrong. Don’t live your life based on the negative things people say, if you do you will never have the confidence to succeed in life. If I lived my life based on what my 7th grade teacher said then I would not be the successful student I am now.