Play Like a Girl!

Kelsey - Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Play Like a Girl!

I believe that women are just a good as men in sports.

For years, women have been looked as the inferior to men in sport. For example, in basketball, why do girls have a smaller ball? Is it because we don’t have enough muscle to shoot a one ounce heavier basketball? Or in volleyball, why is the guys’ net higher than the girls’? Any girl could jump just a high as a guy if she really put her heart into it.

Another area men and women are not equal in sports is in how the games are officiated. I have noticed many times referees don’t even make the effort to run up and down the court in the girls’ games, but in the boys’ game , the take it much more seriously.

In my eighth grade year, I learned that my basketball coach was not as interested in the girls’ games as much as he was in the boys’ games. For example, during our games, he never questioned the refs because he didn’t want to make them angry for the upcoming boys’ games. Also, my coach wasn’t as creative in running out practices everyday as he was with the boys. We always ran the same drills but the boys got to do different things and learned new skills. In spite of these challenges, the girls’ team went undefeated and won the conference championship, while the boys’ team did not. I learned to play my game no matter what the obstacles.

Women athletes are getting more competitive, making more money, and getting more recognition. For instance, in this year’s Olympics, not only did the women win gold medals in basketball, beach volleyball, and soccer, but their events were some of the most popular events watched around the world. And, the Women’s National Basketball Association is doing very well. Every year they attract more and more attention and their salaries are going up.

And so I say, since when is “playing like a girl” a bad thing? When somebody says, “You’re playing like a girl,” I take that as a compliment, not as an insult.