Savannah - Cape Carteret, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe that everyone has strengths. People are physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually strong. I believe I have a combination of these strengths.

In middle school I ran cross-country and track. At practice and meets I could feel the sweat beating down my face and my legs beating along the path, snapping back like rubber band ready to snap as I accelerated. I sometimes I wanted to stop and there were times that I hated going to practice, but I went, even though I knew the strenuous activity that awaited me.

I think that I can fairly state that this makes me a mentally and physically strong person. I had the power and courage to persevere and in the end, I was proud of myself. When you use your strengths you are proud of yourself.

Everyone else also has their strengths. Some people care for their families under financially unstable times which gives them mental strength. Many people are very gifted athletes who have the physical power to blast a ball in the goal or smack a tennis ball over the net and around their opponent. There are also people who are spiritually strong. This is when they still have the power to believe in god and their self during tough times.

Even though I am only fourteen I have faced many obstacles in my life. I have faced the challenge of moving five times, changing friends, and my even altering my lifestyle because of my role as a “navy-brat,” (a kid whose parent is in the navy.) This can be difficult at time but I can handle it.

I have helped my family through hard times. I baby-sit when my parents are at work, I do chores, and I even encourage my younger siblings when they are struggling or need help.

Some people may be physically strong and others are mentally strong. Some people have the ability to handle hectic situations, and some may be able to work very hard. Our power in always linked to our minds and anyone who survives has a must have strong mind.

I believe that every single person is a strong person.