A Second Chances Make A Difference: So Give One

Samuel - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Another shot to do what’s right. Everyone deserves a second chance no matter how bad they did the first go around; second chances are a guide in the right direction. How would this world be without second chances? I know second chances have helped me a lot

I can remember one time I was in a play for my church. I played a debtor who didn’t have the money yet to pay his master. In the skit, I went to the master, and he felt generous and gave me a second chance to pay the debt. My character was as happy as a child on Christmas; in the play, my character went off to the streets and found a friend of his that owed him money, however, my character was not so generous, and he beat up the person in the skit, and later got in trouble for not having the forgiving heart.

I remember times when I would turn in an assignment late or do them completely wrong. My teachers would feel generous and let me redo the assignment, they gave me another chance, I may not have received full credit, but it taught me that they didn’t have to do that, and I should be as generous as they were.

I know as you get older the second chance becomes more and more rare, but still everyone needs a second shot, just imagine if you were in the situation. Nobody is perfect, and everyone messes up their lives, but this world can be a heck of a lot better than it is, if everyone gave second chances a try. Harrison Ford once said, “We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less of a second chance.” This means that we can have huge impacts in our lives if we just take the second chance. With this being said, you can also change one person’s life just by giving them a second chance.

I believe that everyone should give a second chance. I believe, that second chances can help this world be a better place. I believe, second chances can have a huge impact on one person’s life.