Does It Matter If You Like Me?

Kelsey - Pleasant View, Colorado
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Tina came into my sophomore agriculture class as a senior. At the beginning, the class thought she wouldn’t want anything to do with us. As the school year drew on, we realized that she was just like us and wanted to be our friend. Tina and I became especially close. We were the only two girls in the large class. I looked to Tina for guidance on many things, including guys, makeup, working, and social skills. Even though I learned a lot from her, she gave me one piece of advice that I have never forgotten.

Our agriculture class won a pizza party and Tina being the only one to have a drivers license, took me to go and get the pizza. We ended up having to wait in her truck and once again, I hammered her with questions, yearning for advice. She turned to me and said sincerely “Kelsey, sometimes you just gotta be a b****. You can’t always please everyone. I used to be that way too. I’ve realized that making everyone else happy isn’t everything. You will be much happier with yourself if you don’t.”

I sat in the truck, letting the advice truly sink in. Tina’s advice had an astounding effect on me. All these years later, I still clearly remember that different, but true advice. Yes, I do believe that it’s important to be kind to everyone and be respectful. But I no longer try to please every single person I meet. The pressure to make everyone satisfied has been lifted. Speaking from experience, it’s so much easier to just please whom I want to. I won’t ever be able to make everyone happy, so now the stress is gone.

People often want to see others happy. You don’t want to make them mad or make them not like you. But why does it matter if you aren’t always with those special ones in your life? It took me years to finally agree with Tina, but once I did, life has been much more enjoyable. It no longer matters to me if I make the person I just met like me. Life is so much easier now when I’m not trying to be wonderful to everyone. After all, not everyone’s perfect!!