They can’t stop me…even if they stopped me

Salina - chandler, Arizona
Entered on October 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Pride is confidence

Jealousy is just a phase, a certain moment in time when the mind betrays the heart; Thinking not only to protect yourself but your pride within. Conceited people have high pride.

Choosing to be confident will bring many presents and many objections; Reeling in people to hate upon you. Let them hate and object to those actions you may choose because they can’t overcome what you have put forth as your destiny.

Always think of your number one: you.

Everyone is self-centered in ways because if you think twice there was never once you haven’t thought personally of yourself first in any kind of situation.

My pride is everything. My confidence is who makes the person I am today.

My pride has brought me opportunities I’ve never thought of achieving. Becoming a member of AVID for four years already has just made it even stronger. I have the inner drive to achieve anything I put my mind to and I’d credit it all to my confidence. Having confidence is the key to everything in life. Applying for a job and having the positive thoughts of how you already know that you have the job in your pocket. Walking into school with thoughts of how you already know you’re going to be successful and get that 4.0 you’ve set your mind to. Reaching the home plate, about to bat, thinking how you’re going to hit it past the outfielders and get the winning RBI. Writing your information on a scholarship packet and turning it in knowing that your letter back will contain the word “Congratulations”.

My pride can never be deprived. It makes who I am and what I am capable of. They can’t stop me…even if they stopped me.