alison - bristol, New Hampshire
Entered on October 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Its this feeling inside of finally being full. Being warm to the touch, being a sun ray of happiness, being human. One time in your life you feel this amazing sensation inside you. It makes you think everything in the world is great, and nothing can take this feeling away. But only this, makes you feel that good all over.

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear” –Unknown. This quote can mean several things to a person. Something that I believe in is love comes in all sorts of ways. Where ever you go, you see people caring and supporting of others. What would you do if there was no one there to love you? You wouldn’t want to be there at all, in the first place. People feed on love and compassion.

The best source of love is from your family. Who better to support you, guide you and make who you are. Some one to say thats good enough, you don’t need to be perfect. That no matter if you’ve done wrong, what makes you a better person is comfort and forgiveness. The feeling of a soft fluffy pillow to catch you every time. What better to have relief, that someone out there is always on your side.

I believe that love grows over time just as people do. You may think that someone in your family is important to you, but not till you can’t see them again. Love ends with both feelings of joy and feelings of sadness for many reasons. Taking a look once and a while at your life, and what really means the most to you in it, really makes you think differently. Having family to go to when you need support, having a full belly when you don’t have money, and having love from people who accept you. This is what makes you feel the love.

Without my families love, I wouldn’t know what to do, or where to start. They form me in every way possible. As I grow and think back upon how my family loved me, I never realized how they did it. I’ve grown up to be caring and considerate for others.

My family showed me what is right and wrong, not by punishment, by forgiveness. My grandmother always said, “ A child who’s done wrong, shall not be punished.” I never really knew what it meant till I was in trouble. Instead of punishing a child for a mistake why not just show them the right way. How does punishment make a caring child? If a child is never loved who will that child know how to love?

People over look the very strong power of love, to a ring. A ring means nothing to me, but a kiss means so much more. Having a rush of warm emotion to your face, as soft lips touch your cheek. Feeling butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, as you experience your first kiss. Thinking of these two different forms, what makes you nervous? What makes you get red in the face over a little thing.

This power is love, and I feel that if everyone showed this emotion to one person a day, what would happen? If a kiss can make these unthinkable emotions come to mind, what could we do to life. Think about how peaceful people would be if they experienced this emotion every day.

You never know how far a little love can go, until you use it. Until that one day you give someone their first kiss, and see how they light up. How you see all these emotions come from their souls. You look deep into their eyes and see the same thing you experienced your first time. The first time you had love passed to you, by one single kiss on the cheek.