Believe It or Not

Nathan - PLYMOUTH, Minnesota
Entered on October 14, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

In today’s world, religion often takes the back seat for many people when they encounter problems. Instead of turning to God to help answer their questions or to help figure things out, they turn to the Internet, television, science, or drugs. It is now quite uncommon to see people praying or going to church to help them during times of turmoil or when they don’t know where else to turn. I believe that religion can and should be used to help people during their hardships, and that more people should turn back to religion.

In my life, I look around and realize how many people are choosing to shun religion and announcing their belief that God doesn’t exist. I don’t consider these people to be sinners and I don’t think they will go to “hell,” some of these people are even my closest friends. What I have come to realize, however, is that the people who don’t believe in God tend to have a harder time dealing with problems in their life than those who do. I know that, without God, my life would be very different. There have been numerous occasions where I haven’t known where to turn, so I look up. I have prayed to God for understanding, for forgiveness, or to help me deal with something difficult that I’m experiencing and it always makes me feel better.

The best example of religion helping someone cope with hardship I can think of is my mom. In her lifetime she has lost two brothers, a sister, and a son. She has said multiple times how she doesn’t think she would’ve been able to make it through the time after each death without God’s help. After each experience, she has turned her troubled life over to God and he has answered her prayers. She has always come out OK and as a stronger person with an even deeper appreciation for her religion. She says that, without God, she might never have been able to cope with all the death she has had to deal with, and she might be a very different person today.

I consider my family and myself lucky for avoiding problems with depression, drugs, and alcohol. I consider us lucky to not fight and argue with each other all the time. I consider it lucky that everyone in my family continues to stay in contact and love each other, no matter what. Yet, as I look at the people around me who have turned away from religion, family and personal problems seem to abound in their lives. With this point I am not trying to say that I believe not being faithful to God will cause you problems, but only to show how, in many cases, a belief in God can help build a strong family life and can help to avoid the hardships that are all around us in the world today. I believe that turning back to religion could help many people solve their problems because when people have something as awesome as religion to believe in, everything seems a lot less dark and lonely.