I Am Unique

Sierra - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Let’s wind the clocks back to your childhood—the days you were five and didn’t have a care in the world. You couldn’t be bothered to “conform” to the latest trends, and you weren’t concerned about what others thought. In a way, you had a certain freedom that somehow was lost as you grew older. Now, back to modern times. You’ll observe the ever-popular social cliques and stress-inducing self-consciousness that connects everyone. It consumes the population’s thoughts, and it’s rather pathetic.

I rejected these trends, ever-changing, and therefore became an outcast in the student body like so few others. We banded together, but only because our unique personalities bounced off of each other’s. It was the only thing that we all had in common. This “isolation” forced me to explore into my own passions and think for myself. I wasn’t spoon-fed information on how I should feel about a particular issue or anything like that. No, I pursued my own interests and learned to be fearless of people’s reactions to my actions.

I had to ignore the negativity surrounding my goals and the questioning regarding my pursuit of happiness, which has since evolved into my life’s dreams: what I would really love to do and excel at in the process. I want to amaze people with the magic of telling a story with a moving picture—I want to be an actress, I want to be a cinematographer, I want to be a director, and I want to leave a lasting legacy in my line of work. I do want to be the change, to transform the products of Hollywood throws out back into its original state. Art. But even people close to my heart told me I couldn’t do it.

My own mother told me the path that I was choosing wasn’t wise, that too many people have the same dreams as I and they fail to live up to them. She wanted me to secure my ticket to success and become something practical, like a nurse.

Of course, I flatly refused, which created a rift of tension between us. But you know what? I made a choice to be different, to take the path less chosen out of fear of failure, and I chose to never look back. I made a choice to follow my heart and not bend to the will of others. I have a life, it’s mine, it’s all I’ve got, and I’m not going to squander it.

You’ve got to do what makes you happy in life whether it makes other people happy or not. I did, I have been successful in my pursuits, and I’ve managed to find friends who share the same interests as me and who are supportive, too.

Persistence is key, and determination is what spins the wheels of life. My dedication to anything cinema has now even won the support of my mother, who now encourages me to audition and be a part of the stage and such, though it was a long battle. She has observed my successes and realized I won’t give in to her demands simply because I am fearless of failure, rejection, and I’ve grown to resent the common choices people make. I’ve grown to only tolerate being different, which has led me to a different path of happiness. And isn’t that what everyone’s after anyway?

I’m not about to give up what I love for what anyone else thinks, and this has led me to be praised: for being an individual with original ideas and a unique mind like no other commonly found.