A World Without Disney?

Houston - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 14, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A World Without Disney?

Were you one of those kids who watched Disney movies over and over again? I was. My interest in life has always revolved around Disney. Personally, I don’t think the world would be the same without Walt Disney. If Cinderella didn’t release in the early 1950s then there might have been people who didn’t follow their heart. If Peter Pan didn’t release, then there might have been more people who wished they could grow up. If Aladdin didn’t release, then we may not have had as many explorers as we do today. If Walt Disney wasn’t born, who knows what would have been done with the space where all of the Disneylands and Disney Worlds are.

Before I was even a year old my mom sat me on my play rug and popped in a Disney movie. It was Peter Pan. She told me later in life that it was the first Disney movie I ever watched. At that point my life was changed entirely. Soon after that I watched my second, third, and fourth movie. When I was around three years of age I knew more Disney songs than a brick layer laid bricks in a lifetime. From here my intelligence in Disney knowledge only grew stronger.

I discovered that I inherited my dad’s talent for art. I used this new found talent to draw my favorite Disney characters. I found that Mickey Mouse was very easy to draw. The more I drew him the more I fell in love with the cute little mouse. When I was around seven years old, I got a Mickey Mouse phone for Christmas. Low and behold that was the start of my 200 plus item Mickey Mouse collection.

When I was five years old, I received my first trip to Walt Disney World. I remember driving through the grand entrance and on the gate was Mickey and Minney Mouse, Goofy, Donald and Daisey Duck, and of course, Pluto. That same day we ventured into the park. What a sight it was! The smell of cinnamon and sugar churros filled the air so much that I could just taste them. The bouncy music was a delight as we marched down Main Street U.S.A. Through the crowd of so many men, women, and children with their Mickey Mouse balloons and mouse ears, I witnessed for the first time the grandness of her majesty, Cinderella’s castle fit for royalty of the highest. I could have sworn the bouncy music swelled and the cymbals crashed when I laid my eyes upon her. Her twenty-four karat gold turrets sparkled as the sun fell gracefully atop them.

From that day forward Disney was a huge part of my life. I began to study everything about it. I found that Walt Disney was the first voice for Mickey Mouse, the Disney castles are made completely from steel rods and poured cement – not bricks, and Walt Disney’s favorite scene out of all his movies was when the Fairy Godmother turned Cinderella’s rags to an extravagant ball gown.

I believe that from the time Walt created his first full-length movie, Alice in Wonderland, to the children of the ‘90s he has not only touched our hearts but grabbed and held on to them so tightly that sometimes it’s hard to remember that we don’t really live in a “Fantasyland”, or a “Never land”. Disney started small. His first studio was in Los Angeles, California. The studio grew. He wanted something better, something that people could call “Their land”. That brought around Disneyland in 1955. (Better known as, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”) People became very fond of Disney and his magical land, and more people came over the years. He began work on a new Disneyland which he called, Walt Disney World Resort stationed in Orlando, Florida. In the midst of creating this fabulous place on the tragic day of December 15, 1966, Walt Disney passed away. The dedication to him was unbelievable. To make sure no one around the world forgot this wonderful man, Disneylands began to spring on every corner of the earth. Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Tokyo give people in Europe and Asia the luxury of seeing Disney at home.

Walter Elias Disney changed the world completely and in only a matter of sixty-five years. I believe that somewhere on this earth is a vivid recreation of Walt Disney just waiting to be discovered.