There is no excuse for abuse

Jennifer - Homewood, Illinois
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

There are many types of abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional, an verbal. Personally, I believe that all forms of abuse are unacceptable. Despite whatever circumstances, nothing is bad enough for someone to harm someone else. Usually, but not always, an abuser is one who has grown up and experienced these occurrences during their early childhood. There is no excuse for abuse. It can hurt someone physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Physical abuse is the most common type of abuse and in m opinion the worst. Physical abuse can be anything from: hitting, shaking, burning, pinching, biting, choking, throwing, or kicking. These actions can hurt someone physically by leaving marks, scars, or bruises on their bodies. They are very unattractive and also very hard to hide or cover up. They can result in major pain. Mentally, enough physical abuse of some sort can really mess with your body, and permanently damage oneself. Then there is the emotional part of abuse, after leaving someone harmed and in danger, one may feel hurt, sad, and lonely. None of these characteristics of abuse are good in any way; therefore, I do not understand why someone would hurt someone else to that extent.

A second common type of abuse is sexual. Sexual abuse is performed daily, worldwide. Sexual abuse usually happens with an adult and anyone under the age of 18. Most of this time this abuse is called rape. Like physical abuse, sexual abuse can leave marks on the body that can be painful. One might feel humiliated, uncomfortable, and most importantly scared. I personally believe that sexual abuse would be the most emotional. Also, it can really interfere with a person’s mentality. I have hard stories about people getting raped and not even remembering the horrifying experience because it was so bad. It can ruin your life.

Emotional and verbal abuse usually falls under the same category. They are the hardest types of abuse to discover because there may not be any physical signs of abuse. This type of abuse happens when yelling and anger go too far or when parents criticize their children to a point where their self-esteem and feeling of self-worth are damaged. Emotional abuse can hurt and cause damage just as physical abuse does. The only physical downfall of emotional abuse could be seen in the way one interacts with others, such as acting bored and sluggish. Verbal abuse can hurt a young child’s feelings and lower their self-image.

To conclude, there are many different types of abuse that take place in the world today. They are physical, sexual, emotional, and verbal. Each type of abuse has it’s own effect on a person, each type having only a negative effect. Abuse can hurt someone physically, mentally, and emotionally, sometimes enough to where it can impact one’s life forever. Abuse is wrong and it must be stopped.