There IS a God

Keiton - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe there is a God. One can say that they believe in God, or they could say that there is no such being, but instead fate, or just plain old me and the world is the only thing that matters or makes any difference. There are those who say that those who believe in God and have faith in God, have no proof that he exists, or rather proof that he does not exist. Can you prove that when I breathe in, air will fill up my lungs and replenish my body of oxygen, or even that air exists? Saying there is no God is easy to say and easy to “prove,” but believing that there is air to breathe and an omniscient friend to talk to is the hard part.

Faith. Is it really such a terrible prospect to believe in something that you can’t see? One can’t see their heart, but if they are still alive they know that it’s still working. What I find hard to believe is that people don’t believe in God, how they can honestly say that they don’t believe in a supreme being that governs our universe. For example, when you take a test and are awaiting the score, you don’t look at the score until you say in your mind, “Please don’t let it be a bad score.” If you’re not talking to God who are you talking to? Jiminy Cricket?

Believing in God gives me comfort, gives me a reason for celebrating the birth of his son, gives me someone to thank for all the good times in life. He gives me everything I could ever want or need, love, friends, family, and guidance.

Believing that God is there helps me be selfless and caring towards others, it helps me to learn. Knowing that God is not a fearful God, but a loving father makes me realize that those who are suffering aren’t doing so because God is testing them or punishing them but allowing His law of free agency to take effect. Believing there is a God allows me to attain a potential that is unattainable in this life. “This I believe: There is A God.”