Pigs With Wings

Megan - Katy, Texas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that pigs can fly.

Maybe in some barnyards, pigs remain firmly grounded. But in my world, the so-called impossible happens every day. I can honestly tell you, doing the impossible isn’t easy. Since I began doing what cannot be done, I have often wanted to quit. I kept on going, and three impossible years later, my pigs are still spreading their wings.

It all started one Sunday morning. September 25th, 2005, at final horse show of the season. That morning’s dawn brought with it infinite possibilities, which just hours later became infinite impossibilities.

The first thing I remember was that everything was black. I blinked, puzzled, but the heavy darkness still remained. Pain shot through my head as I tried to move. That’s when the next wave of horror shook me. I couldn’t move my legs. As I lay there in the dirt, blind and paralyzed, I wondered: can this really be happening to me? Thirty seconds before I was catapulted into the ground, I had simply been riding my horse in a class that we were set to win. Thirty hours before, I had been a varsity member of my high school’s cross-country team. Thirty days before, I was just your average freshman.

But what was I now?

No longer was I the girl who easily earned straight A’s. Instead, I was the girl who was told by her doctors to expect failing grades. No longer was I the girl who was to graduate at the top of her class. Instead, I was the girl who was told that she would be extraordinarily fortunate to graduate at all. No longer was I the girl who filled her days with extracurriculars of every sort. Instead, I was the girl whose life consisted of three simple steps, repeated day in and day out. Eat. Sleep. School. Over and over.

Thankfully, I quickly regained my sight and my mobility. With time, my skull fracture healed. The bruising and swelling of my brain eventually dissipated. Through physical therapy so painful, it’s been known to make NFL players cry, the damage to my back and neck has been diminished.

Much as I yearned for it, there was not one glorious day of spontaneous healing. Even today, I am not healed. I may never be. But that’s ok. Against all odds, I am not flunking out. I am succeeding! Against all odds, I am not dropping out. I am graduating! Against all odds, I am not sitting out. I am debating and acting and leading and horseback riding and most importantly, living.

I have learned that though I am no superhero, I can do anything. How can I deny the possibilities that lie in the impossible when I myself am living an impossible life? Certainly, if doing the impossible was easy, it would not be considered impossible at all. It is struggling to overcome barriers that others say cannot be overcome that truly makes the experience rewarding.

Pigs can fly? Yes. I believe.