Bad Things- Good Problems

Katie - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Bad Things- Good Problems

“Everything happens for a reason, honey.” I’ll never forget those words that were said to me so many times thirteen years ago. I can’t say that I thought about that statement much at the time, though; after all, that’s pretty deep for a three- year- old to think.

By the time I turned six, I began realizing that not all of the little kids lived the same life as me. When they asked about my mom, and I told them that she was in heaven, they didn’t understand. “That’s not true,” they said “Mommy’s don’t die.”

The words didn’t really affect me at the time, but the older I got, the more I thought about the words. “Everything happens for a reason.” Yeah, right, I thought. What good could possibly come out of my mom dying?

As I got even older and moved in with my grandparents, I realized what good could, and did, come out of my mom dying. Don’t take me wrong, no little girl wants her mommy to die, but good things did result from it. I now live with my grandparents who love me “to the moon and back” (as my grandma used to say), and I have a group of friends who I will be close to forever.

I now know that God will always take care of me, and that even when bad things happen, good things come out of it. I no longer think of the quote,” Everything happens for a reason,” as a dumb saying everybody said to me at my mother’s funeral to make me feel better. I think of it as the best advice I have ever been given, and a belief that I live my life by.