That’s just how life is

Christine - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

Have you ever heard of the quote, “Life’s not fair,”? Many people have different views about this quote, and there will never be an agreement. There are many points that could be used to support either side. For example, someone disagreeing with the quote could agree that whatever happens, happens for a certain reason. People supporting the quote could say that there are many things in life that happen for no particular reason. Some examples that could be used to support this view could divorces, deaths, and illnesses.

There are many divorces that occur in families. This not only makes it difficult for the parents, to have to worry about the impact of their child, but especially for the child, who has to cope with everything. Divorces make the child feel like they’re at fault, when it’s usually just an issue between his or her parents. Divorces are unwanted usually, but sometimes, it’s just for the best. My parents got divorced when I was five years old, and not only did I think that life was not fair, but I also saw some things that I can still picture in my mind today. I remember the exact day what I was home with my mom, brother, and dad. I was sitting on the cold and smooth wooden floor, playing with my electronic toy, while my brother sat on the couch, watching TV. I remember hearing my parents argue, and the next thing I know, my toy was grasped out of my hands. My dad took it from me and me and swung it at my mom’s face. I saw that my mom’s face had small bruises here and there, and she also had a black eye. She went running out the door, and I knew that she left the house with my brother following behind her. I started to burst out crying, but I stayed with my dad. After that, my parents separated. I remember at that point, questioning how of all the families that exists, why my parents had to be the ones who got a divorce.

Unwanted deaths are another topic that could support the quotes, “Life’s not fair.” In my 9th grade year, my class lost a classmate in the last month of that school year. Her name was Tasha Brewer, and she passed away due to a car accident. Her death really made me think that life was unfair, because she was the only person that lost her life out of all the passengers that were in the same car as her. The car was out of control and the driver was intoxicated, but he didn’t lose his life, only Tasha did. This happened for no reason, and out all the people involved in the scene, only her life ended that night. I don’t think that was fair. The others can continue their life and live up to their dreams, but she won’t be able to.

Illnesses are also another issue that could make people believe that life isn’t fair. My half brother has an illness that that doctors call both stress and depression. This is a result of a lonely and neglected childhood, when he felt that he was not loved by his dad. His dad promised him my brother that he would always love him and never forget him, but after that, he married a new wife and started a new family. This angered and hurt my half brother and the negative emotions have never left him since then. Doctors say that he will never recover fully from the illness. They say that he could feel better and think that he recovered, but it can always be triggered into worse matters. People that have a permanent state of anger and depression usually exclude themselves from discussions or something as simple as family gatherings. They are also capable of attempting suicide, depending on their levels of anger or depression. What I don’t understand is why he has a permanent state of anger and depression in him, out of all people. Many people who get depressed can bypass it, and fully recover, but he isn’t able to be included in this group of people.

People will always have agreements and disagreements on the quote, “Life’s not fair.” They will never settle for one answer. It will always be opinion, not a fact. Many things in life happen for no particular reason, and that’s just how life is.