Martese - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


Responsibilities? What exactly does that work mean to people? Being responsible is associated with many different aspects of life. My views, however, have changed many times.

Throughout my life up to the age of eleven my father played a significant role in my life. Whatever I needed, he made sure I had it. Whenever I needed support, he gave me the extra push I needed. The love he gave me couldn’t have been replaced by anyone. He was a responsible father.

From how he provided for his loved ones, I learned how to be a young man who appreciates his family. My father worked hard, but always made more than enough time to be with his family. Growing up, I was proud to know that no matter what, I could rely on him for anything. He was never the type of man to not take care of his responsibilities.

As I got older, and my father distanced himself from me, my mentality changed. I thought of responsibility as nothing but a false word. I no longer had the love and support my father had given to me; instead, thee was an empty space, a void within.

Turning my emptiness into strength was what I had to do. The ending result was that I had to learn for myself what being responsible meant. I no longer had someone to look up to and teach me what I needed to know.

What’s responsibility? That’s a question I had to answer for myself, and a question that each individual must answer for his or herself. Because m experience of responsibility is different, altered forever.