Noel - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

When was the last time you put forth determination and hard work to achieve something? Well nothing great has ever been accomplished without hard work. I have always been taught that these traits pay off in the end. Despite what one might assume, hard work gives you great pride in what you accomplish.

I don’t know a harder working or more determined individual than my 56-year- old grandpa. He didn’t attend college, but he owns the largest cabinet door manufacturing company in Arkansas and the surrounding states, called the Cabinet Door Shop. He started this business in 1981 when he almost went bankrupt as a contractor. His hard work, determination, and honesty has put him on the top. He is now in the process of handing down the business to his three daughters, one being my mom. He also has handed down his trait of determination, and they have expanded the business even more. “We ship from coast to coast and even have a customer in the UK,” my mom said just the other night. This blows my mind that a little family business in Arkansas built with the determination of my grandpa ships orders all over the U.S. and even the world.

Although I aspire to be as successful as my grandpa, I have never had any interest in taking over the business as a career. I want to attend the University of Arkansas and major in medicine, to become the first college graduate from my immediate family. GO HOGS! I am aware that this will not be an easy task, but I plan to use hard work and determination to accomplish my goal.

In preparation to achieve my dream I have labored to always make all A’s in school, with the exception of Mrs. Mouton’s 10th grade world history class in which I made a B during the first semester. I still have nightmares about her tests, but she was the best and my favorite teacher that I have ever encountered as a student. I also transferred to Lakeside School at the beginning of 6th grade from Cutter Morning Star, due to its poor academic programs. I even stopped playing basketball in 10th grade to focus on my school work. Some might see these things as major sacrifices, while I look at them as acts of hard work and determination needed to succeed.

Pride and appreciation go hand and hand with hard work and determination. Anyone who puts forth the effort can accomplish anything with a little faith. Always remember, our dreams are in arms reach if we are determined.

So are you going to let your dreams fade, or work hard to accomplish them?