Guiltiness of Cheating

Katie - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I see it as there are thousands of ways to “win” at something, whether it’s a sports game or a test. Truly, though, the proper way to actually win at life, school, and sports, “if you don’t quit, don’t cheat, and don’t run home when trouble arrives, you can only win.” By reading that quote, my opinion is that the quote is a hidden puzzle piece to a never-ending-ever-growing jigsaw puzzle full of questions waiting for answers to complete it.

From my own experiences, cheating gets everybody at the end of the long road – that leads you nowhere. My ninth grade school year, I took Spanish and I would constantly be leaning out of my desk hovering over my friends desk, trying very hard to look innocent of my crime or I’d whisper ever so often, “Kassie, what is the answer to …” By the end of my second year of taking Spanish, I knew absolutely VERY little. And it all ended that way because that first day of my first year, every day I cheated; which led into cheating my whole way as well through my second year. And looking back a year later, I noticed that I wasted a class period a day for two years, learning nothing wasting time during which I could’ve done something more valuable. So at the end of the road – I lost; I lost knowledge that I could have used on my own when I went to Peru instead of having to have a translator – I lost that small chance of opening my “new world horizon” experiences.

I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard of ways teams have cheated to win or rumors that teams have cheated. In basketball games and other, coaches, players, etc…, could pay the referee to cheat to help them. But you know what good does that help? – Does that really help make the team better in reality than just on the court/field? Another way that teams could give up, cheat and be cowardly is when during conditioning in offseason or practices, the team could have a couple players pushing themselves to the limit and beyond to almost the point where they think their heart is going to burst from giving so much effort, but then the team also has those players that stand around and goof off; those are the teammates that cheat and give up on their fellow teammates, which are the ones actually striving to win. Nobody can win with losers and quitters. – I know everybody has tried that last part. I admit; I am guilty of doing just that. I push myself in practices and conditioning to get better, striving for perfection. But I also watch out for when Coach isn’t watching, waiting to take a breather and a little break for however long I have with her back turned towards me. No matter how shaky, sweaty, and worn out from exhaustion I am, my teammates are having the same experiences as I am but they aren’t giving up on me. Then why should I cheat and give up on them?

I lastly see that quote with our very own lives and our souls. Every thing we do decides our next interaction with quitting, cheating and turning home when trouble comes. We face these things every day of our lives without knowing anything affecting majorly in our lives. If a relationship ends in a shipwreck, we go mope about it and sometimes give up on that relationship, then having to try fixing the shipwreck to make it float again. Or, if we have already mentally given up and are just walking, talking zombies, doesn’t that make you realize that they cheated themselves out of life itself, they cheated themselves out of maybe fifty more years but they just decided to give up? What if Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington – what if all those guys gave up and cheated, or at the first sight of failure they ran? Everything as we know it would be drastically different. If everybody in the world quit, cheated, or ran away from trouble, I can tell you know for where I believe and stand that life as we know it will be unproductive, chaotic, and cowardly. But if the world and everyone in it decided to not quit, stay true and brave, I believe our world would be somewhere of a happier place to be.