I believe in drinking straws

Chase - Parsons, Kansas
Entered on October 13, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Human kind created tools to make life easier, but tools were also made to make life more exciting. The drinking straw is an ingenious invention used not only to make drinking a liquid easier but also to make drinking more fun. I can tell you one thing that straws aren’t meant for though, and that is chewing on them. In the middle of June in 1998 my family decided to go on a vacation to Branson Missouri for a week. My mom, dad, brother, sister, and I packed all of our clothes into our travel bags that we would need for our trip, and stuffed the bags into the back of my moms newly bought thunder bird, but before we left town my parents decided to get some breakfast so we wouldn’t have to make as many stops on the way to Branson. We stopped at McDonald’s, and we each grabbed our favorite breakfast value meal. When we finally got on the road to get to Branson, my brother and I had already finished our meals, and all that was left was our drinks. My brother had a bad habit of chewing on his straw when he finished his drink, and my parents would tell him all of the time to quit, but he never took them seriously. Probably no more than fifteen minutes out of town my brother had already finished his drink, and was chewing on the straw as usual. I was sitting next to my brother, and I heard my mom tell him to stop chewing on the straw a couple of times, but I wasn’t paying much attention, due to my attention being occupied by the gameboy in my hands. Ten minutes after hearing my mom tell my brother a second time to stop chewing on the straw, my brother started hitting my dad on the back really hard, and the next thing I know my mom pulls my brother over me and my sister to the passenger seat, and starts doing the Heimlich maneuver on him. I felt the car increase in speed as my dad franticly drove to the nearest town to try and find a hospital, but all I could see was my moms panicked face, and the pail white color of my brothers face as he gasped for air. Before we even reached the city limits of the next town my mom had already dislodged the wrinkled straw for my bothers throat. My dad had to pull the car over so that everyone could calm down enough to continue on with the trip, and everybody seemed to calm down pretty quickly; everybody except for my mom that is, but when we finally started back on our way to Branson everything seemed to go back to normal, and my brother never once chewed on a straw again after that day. Teenagers seem to take parents advice to lightly in todays society. Something as insignificant as a drinking straw can teach you to listen to your parents, and even a warning over something small is worth giving you parents some credit with in the decisions you make in your life. That is why I believe in drinking straws.