Emily - Parsons, Kansas
Entered on October 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that life would be horrible without humor. People make jokes or laugh in the most awkward situations to try to make them more comfortable and laughter is a universal language. Being able to make a joke of a situation or say something humorous after a rough day makes life easier. After a hard day or a hard week it is nice to come home and watch a funny show or hear a joke. Humor gets me through the day and keeps me smiling. I have a reputation of being funny and I love it more than any other characteristic of myself. I am able to think of a funny situation and smile throughout the worst of days. Humor is the one element in our world that we can count on to be there no matter what. Humor can show both positive and negative emotions and still results in positive feeling or masks the negative feelings.

One event that has shown me how important humor is to me was an evening that I took a friend, Molly, out to dinner. We were supposed to meet two of my other friends, Mikey and Kayla. at a local restaurant. Mikey and Kayla had already gotten us a table, so all we had to do was find where they are sitting. This seemed like a simple enough task, but I have bilateral cornea transplants in both eyes and my vision is not the best. We walked into the building and proceeded to the seating area. Molly had never met Mikey or Kayla so she had no idea what the would look like. I saw a guy and a girl sitting a table that could seat four people. The guy was wearing a Hurley Brand hat like Mikey wears and the girl had reddish colored hair that resembled Kayla. Mikey and I have a humor that’s very sarcastic. We great each other with meaningless insults. I made the false assumption that this guy and girl were Mikey and Kayla, so I walked over with my usual greeting, “Hey jerk, you smell horrible.” The guy, who was definitely not Mikey, looked up at me with shock. I immediately laughed and apologized and explained that I thought he looked somewhat similar to the person I was meeting. Molly had no idea whether I was joking or not. I started to walk away quickly hoping that she would follow and went to the back of the restaurant where we found Mikey and Kayla. Molly was bursting with laughter at the mishap and I could barely explain to Mikey what had happened because I was laughing so hard. My sense of humor allows me to still laugh at this situation no matter how embarrassing. This is an instance that still inspires laughter today and serves as an inside joke between Molly and myself. I am embarrassed at what a fool I made of myself, but the humor of the whole mishap outweighs the embarrassment by far.