My family is cool.

Diana - Hesperia, California
Entered on October 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in family. My family in particular is cool. When I say “my family” I mean my mom, my dad, and my two brothers. We have gone through a lot of rough times, our situations probably have not been as bad as other people’s, but for me it has been tough. All of these problems have brought us closer, I know it may sound cliché, but it is true. I know I did not get to choose my family members, but I still had to learn to live with them. No one will love me and help me as much as my immediate family members. This I believe.

I was fourteen years old, like a regular teenager, I used to think all that matter was “having a good time with my friends”. My family really was not a priority in my life. I used to live in Mexico, until one day my parents told me I had to leave to the U.S to start high school; just because they wanted me to get better grades and have a better future. All I kept thinking was “How can they do this to me? I do not want to leave my friends!”. The thought of being away from my family never crossed my mind.

So the days passed, I left and went to live with my aunt for three months. A few weeks passed by and I started getting home sick. One of my cousins had a birthday party around Halloween time and we were all wearing costumes. When I was there with my aunts and cousins I felt happy. I would just stare at them and see how parents would tell their kids how good they looked and they would be hugging each other. I remember I felt happy but at the same time kind of empty. Everything reminded me of my family.

Not only did I cry every time I heard their voice over the phone, but I realized that even though I knew my family was always going to be there, I never really acknowledge them. I never let them know how much I cares about them and how much I loved them. I went back and did everything I could to thank them for all their help and support.

I believe a family should always be together, but I know not everybody has that privilege. I am thankful of what I have, and I try to get along with them most of the time. Do I always agree with my mom’s or dad’s opinion? No, but I try to respect them as they respect my point of view on certain things. I think respect, communication, and trust are the key to a stable family.

I was raised in this environment and I hope when the time comes for me to have a family and raise children of my own, I can give them the same example my parents have given me throughout my life.