drinking & driving

Caitlyn - Orange Park, Florida
Entered on October 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Drinking & Driving

The truck came speeding down the dirt road at sixty miles an hour, when the speed limit was only ten. He slammed head on into the huge four wheel tractor. It flipped into the air and flung Nick out and the tractor came forcefully down upon him. He died on impact. No time for a second chance, second thought, or anything. His life ended before it even started. Nick was my best friend, pretty much my brother. We had grown up together, and didn’t have any cares until that dreadful day. It has changed my life forever.

Nick and me were so close he was in the hospital room when i was born. We would tell each other everything and do everything together. When we were growing up i was not know as just Caitlyn, it was Caitlyn and Nick. We would spend weekends over at each others houses. We lived across the street for my whole life. His family was mine, and mine was his. The day came when my parents wanted to move. They had to choose Florida, it felt like i was moving to the other side of the world. This meant no more sleepovers, eating dinner over, going to church. We couldn’t do anything anymore. I remember the day i left, we had said goodbye to all of our neighbors. Then Nick and his parents came over. We were standing outside of our car, all packed and ready to go. Our parents said their goodbyes, and left us to talk. I was nine and he was eleven, we didn’t know how to give a proper goodbye, and i wish i could do it over. This was the last time we could talk, touch, and hug each other. I wish i could hold onto that moment just a little but longer. So we said goodbye, and promised to talk all the time. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and we left. I remember waving out the back window of our van and crying because i knew it would be a long time till i saw him again, i just never thought it was going to be the very last time.

Once we moved to Florida we lost touch, though we promised we wouldn’t. We were growing up and growing apart. We still talked on holidays and birthdays. But that’s about it. Sometimes we would send pictures, but hardly. We became so busy with our new lives i think we had forgotten what it was like to be so close. Every day i thought about him, but each day it would be less and less. Sometimes i would catch myself thinking about how things used to be. Even thought i missed him, i couldn’t let that control my life. By this time a few years had past and we were planning on visiting each other that year, but we never got to. One day my aunt had called with the terrible news. My aunt is deaf and they use this thing called TTY which is a phone-type communication device. When you use TTY a computerized person is telling you what the deaf person is saying. So my aunt had called and i was listing to some person say how my old neighbor was in the news. It didn’t sound like a bad thing, until she had said something about a truck and it crashing into the tractor. That moment my jaw dropped and tears instantly came to my eyes. I felt so weak, like i couldn’t believe what i was hearing. I thought it was just a bad dream. He died on the day of his eighth grade graduation party his parents were throwing for him.

The worst part about everything is that the guy who killed my best friend, he never went to jail, never had community service, he wasn’t convicted with anything. He was drunk beyond belief and speeding down a dirt road. He had committed a second degree murder and was driving under the influence. Something about that just doesn’t seem to fit well with me. Now there isn’t anything I or anyone else can do. I don’t go one day without thinking about him. I wish I could get those old days back. I cry every now and then, just by thinking about him. It is one of the most tragic things a person can go through. The pain of loosing someone that close to you is heart breaking. I have made many friends where I am now, but none like Nick. No one will ever surpass him in my eyes. I love him and miss him dearly.