The Humorous Anitdote

Lina - USA
Entered on October 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

If you really knew me you would know that I love to laugh. The key to becoming fast friends with me would be to make me laugh. There is just something special, almost intimate, in sharing a joke with a friend and having that connection ensures a long-lasting relationship. I think the best part of laughing is when you are in that moment when you are gasping for air, your eyes begin to water, and you try to form words but you cannot even make a sound. I live for that moment.

However it is not just me who loves to laugh, but my whole family. We do everything together like watching family home videos and traveling around the world. All of us just love to laugh and we enjoy being together. By laughing and sharing our laughs with each other is good insurance. I can always count on my family because I share the love of laughter with them. Laughter makes us closer.

Yet I can still remember a time where our home was not filled with joy and laughter. It was the summer cool night right before I was to embark on my new chapter in life: college. As usual, I left packing to the last minute and was frantically running around the house gathering whatever I could find. It was in those last moments that I realized I had no means of something to hold all of my CD’s. In a last request of desperation, I plead with my sister to allow me to borrow her case and agreed upon buying her another one. However, this was not to be. The compensation was not enough; the stakes were to be higher. Of course, I would not agree to anything she decided on and vice versa. Neither one of us was willing to give up until the other had submitted their complete and utter compliance. So the result was hours on end of yelling and heated arguments. It wasn’t until our mom was sick of the arguing that she set us straight and as soon as she made us realize how ridiculous it was for us to fight over something so trivial that we both broke out into a huge roar of laughter. To this very day we still refer back to that event and each time it just brings smiles to our faces.

It was after this moment that I truly realized that a laugh is the most powerful and wonderful thing. It breaks all boundaries: racial, social, or creed. Amidst the drudgery and toil of life, in the depths of despair, I have learned to laugh and press on. I know that if I just laughed a little more in my life, I would be less stressed; I would be less inclined to fight with my loved ones. Laughter is all about being positive towards life.