An Eternal Love

Meghan - St. Peters, Missouri
Entered on October 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

An Eternal Love

I believe love is a gift that lives eternally through memories. When my grandpa died two years ago I thought my life had been turned upside. It was almost as if I had momentarily put my life on pause. Everything in the world around me seemed to continue on as if nothing important happened, while I walked around completely clueless as how to handle myself. As time passed by, I began to forget the memories I once shared with him. The two years that passed sealed off the moments that we held together, enclosing them off into a part of my heart that I had no intentions of ever revisiting.

However, I knew that my life had to eventually continue on past the pain. I knew I needed to revisit the hurt I held inside, so with a heavy heart I opened myself up to finally revealing the sorrow I held so deep within. It was in that moment of overflowing memories I learned life goes beyond death. The love my grandpa and I shared during his days here on Earth are not bound to life and death, but yet will still be able to live on through time in the memories, both those forgotten and remembered, as well as in the lives of those around me today.

I can still recall all of those days when we would go to grandpa‘s. He’d be waiting there for us in his chair each time we would stop by. Stumbling out of it once we arrived, he would hug me tightly, almost as if he had no intentions of ever letting go. When he wrapped his arms around my body there was always an overwhelming sense of love that would surround me. He always had this way of making me feel like I was the most important lady in his life. He would constantly let me know how proud he was of who I was turning out to be. It was ultimately in those moments of reassurance that I felt a love unlike any other. A love that was complete and full of a never ending stream of happiness.

My grandpa lies behind my father‘s hazel brown eyes. He is behind the face of my father, within his mannerisms and his young spirit. Almost as if he were an identical copy to my grandpa, my father is continually reminding me that he lives on through him. For it is through my father that I have a daily reminder of the kind of man my grandpa was: a kind hearted and God loving man. It’s in my father’s “Talley” smile that I, can once again, catch a glimpse of the man who could brighten a room with just a simple grin. The sound of his deep belly laugh once again resounds itself in my head, helping to recall all of the memories of laughter that we once shared.

I know that life continues on after death. However, I also know that in life there are constant sorrows and disappointments that we don’t always understand. But, I have the greatest satisfaction in saying that through those difficult times of struggle I have grown and changed into the lady I know my grandpa would have been proud of to call his granddaughter. There will always be days where I will forget certain memories, but I do know that our memories will always live on. Whether I’m thinking of them or not, they are still a part of me, and that the piece of my heart, saved for my grandpa, will continue to hold them for a lifetime.