This I believe: things happen for a reason!

Savannah - Douglass, Kansas
Entered on October 10, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Why, why, why did this happen to me?! Those eight words I have said and imagine you will say sometime in your lifetime. I believe that I will never know the reason to why certain things happen; things in life take place for a reason. It may be an excellent, good, awful, devastating, or maybe even an huge life changing thing that occurs. Things may not have the reasons at the time to why it happened or never will but somehow it is linked to something later on in life.

If stuff did not have a purpose of happening, then what would be the purpose of it happening? This past February my Aunt died from lung cancer. Before then I had never had a close person to me/a loved one pass away; it was different for me. At first I tried handling it by ignoring the fact my aunt died, I shrugged it off. As I saw her body at the visitation I couldn’t handle it. My sister, Sarah, and I bawled like we never had before. We were both in the same shoes. The way my aunt looked, it no longer looked like her. At her funeral, the next day I handled seeing her body again, more calmly. My Dad told me that until you go to the funeral your body and mind is still in denial. Now I have overcome my denial and accepted that she is no longer here. I believe this happened for a reason. I believe it was set as a challenge in my life; to teach me what people are going through when their loved one passes away.

If I do not have barriers or challenges in life then what would life be? It would be a straight road with no curves. I can’t tell you that I would enjoy that at all. Life would be so dull! Where would the happiness be when you achieved your goals that you have set? Challenges make you better and give you something to work towards. If I were to win everything, get anything and/or everything I wanted, and be anything I wanted then what would I have accomplished in life or even want to accomplish, one word, nothing.

Take a challenge, don’t be a pussy and wimp out. Hit the challenge full on and right on out of the park. Life is full of consequences, sacrifices, decisions, and rewards, the best part.

In life I want to become a better person, be a better person, and have people think I am a better person. As I sit here and write this I think “What do I, Savannah, want in life and am I going to put the effort forward to reach the goals I want to achieve?” Don’t just do something to do it and/or get it over with. Always put your best effort forward. Ask yourself “Did I do my best on this?” Do your best, be your best and you will be the best.

I must live my life to the fullest. I must live in the moment not worry about the future or past. I must be myself because I am myself, who cares what other people think. I never know when my last day is going to be or when I might lose a vital thing in my life. I must love everyone; hate no one because I never know if I’m going to see them again or the opposed. I believe things happen for a reason.