My Brothers

David - Richmond, Kentucky
Entered on October 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Moving away from home was the hardest thing I thought I’d ever do. On August 17, 2007, I watched the only people who ever cared for me drive away while I sat alone in a frigid “jail cell” of a dorm. I sat there wondering to myself, “Who will wash my clothes? Who’s going to pay for my food?” Thoughts like these ran rapid as I realized my mother and father were gone and I was left to fend for myself. I was three hours away from home and knew not one person enrolled at Western Kentucky University.

I slowly tried to meet people but I’m not that outgoing enough to talk to strangers. On an unforgettable humid Friday night, I stumbled over to a rush cookout where I met a bunch of guys in the Sigma Chi fraternity. I was amazed to find out that almost all of them loved the same things I did: sports, partying, and girls. As I got to know them, I found out that they also conveyed many of the deeper characteristics I do: confidence, politeness, friendliness, and excellence. These are the guys I believed I wanted to be around.

On January 22, 2008, I was initiated into Sigma Chi and was instantly immersed into something bigger than myself. Once an only child, I now had 80 brothers around me to hold. Since then, they have been there for me through the worst, whether school too tough or the girlfriend was getting me down. They were always there for me no matter what. Not only did I find friends here at Western, I found them everywhere. With over 200 chapters internationally, I joined a network of people world-wide who all share a common bond. I believe joining Sigma Chi was my greatest decision.

Many believe that all fraternities do is drink and party. Although we can throw one hell of a party…and we have our fair share, we are more interested in the seven ideals we were based upon: courage, wisdom, integrity, high ambition, self control, courtesy, and fidelity. I have personally grown as a man and owe it all to the virtues we teach.

Annually we raise over $20,000 for various places like Huntsman Cancer Research Institute, St. Jude’s, and the Ronald McDonald House. Community service was something I had never took part in until I joined Sigma Chi. I now participate in many philanthropies and love the satisfaction I get from knowing I’m helping someone else.

I would not hesitate to say that Sigma Chi was the greatest decision I’ve made in my lifetime and I don’t regret it one bit. I have tremendously bettered myself since the day I joined. It keeps me busy striving to conform to the perfect man. I have found the brothers I never had and my family away from home. For it is them I can trust and rest my heart upon, because they believe in me.