Chasing your Dreams

Kerry - Castle Rock, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my entire one year and two months in this fabulous place we all call “High school” I’ve learned more than just Newton’s laws and how to multiply in even more complicated ways. Well, I haven’t quite got that concept yet, but, I have learned to never give up my dreams. To hunt everything I believe in and never give up or back down. I believe in chasing your dreams.

No matter how ridiculous or silly your dreams might seem to you, it’s never okay to just throw them out the window. I have more than enough dreams to count and each and everyday I remind myself to strive for the best. It has been my life long dream to attend Notre Dame University. Well I think we all know that my grades won’t exactly cut it. And by some mind blowing miracle that I would get into Notre Dame, for some reason, my parents just aren’t very willing to hand me fifty thousand bucks to attend one of the greatest colleges in the US. That doesn’t stop me. I have no plans on giving up my dream of Notre Dame. I’m going to work my ass off these next three years to pull up my grades and join clubs and get absurd hours of community service, do anything and everything so that I can receive a fat packet form Notre Dame University after I’ve mailed in my application. This dream, I will chase forever.

Giving up on your dreams is like giving up on life. What is there to live for if you’re just living each day because you have you? It seems like a waste of time if you don’t have any far-fetched achievements you have in mind. From owning the largest ice cream company to being President of the United States, they’re still dreams you’re able to chase. Working hard for what you want is healthy. It builds character! It gives you a small chunk of what life is going to be like after high school. Another belief I have is living each day like you’ll die tomorrow. If you have no plans for the future then why live today when you don’t have some thoughts for tomorrow just incase? Dreams are a huge part of your future. Maybe you have a dream job or some one you dream about marrying or a dream home you want to live in when you’re all grown up. When we think about the future, we’re thinking about our dreams. Giving up on dreams is like giving up what your life’s going to be like.

So I will admit that most, if not all, of my dreams are highly unachievable, but I honestly do not care. No one can tell me what to believe in. My friends can’t tell me to give up on a boy I like. My parents can’t tell me I can’t go to Notre Dame. Only I can prove to myself that I can do it. I can chase the silliest, craziest, even stupidest dream in the world, and nobody can stop me. I refuse to give up my dreams. I refuse to give up my future. I accept that I can chase my dreams all I want and not get them, but at least I went down trying. I believe in chasing your dreams.