Appearance vs. Intellect

Alainna - Monticello, Kentucky
Entered on October 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever avoided or made fun of someone by the way they looked or acted? High school is rough, and there’s always people being looked down on for being “different”. Many who are making fun or looking down on the others are also trying to be different by being superior. The only difference is they base their opinions on superficial things and the people they make fun of aren’t afraid to be themselves. I believe in being more open minded and not judging people by first impressions, or their outward appearance.

Everyone naturally wants to be different and to not be generalized into the “norm”. When I was a freshman in high school I was extremely superficial and judgmental. Anyone who wasn’t “normal” I didn’t associate with.

In one of my classes, second semester, I knew no one because there were mainly seniors. The first day of class the teacher assigned seats and I got stuck sitting with someone who was not “normal”. Each day the girl tried to befriend me and I refused. One day I had to miss and worried because we had an upcoming test and I didn’t have the notes. First thing she asked me if I needed her notes. I guess I had an “epiphany” and realized she wasn’t so bad. It’s crazy to think something as simple as allowing me to borrow notes would make me realize people aren’t that bad.

In that semester I learned a lot about myself as a person. I realized that people shouldn’t be judged based on them being different. She taught me a lot without realizing it. Since then I’ve become open minded and feel as though others should as well.

In my high school career I’ve become friends with all “cliques” and found some of the best people who will be there for you through it all are people you’d never expect. One of my best friends, who has been there through it all, is someone some people won’t even speak to because he’s so different, but I no longer care, nor do I let it bother me. A lot of people make fun of him and his friends because of the way they choose to dress and act. What most people don’t realize is that he and his friends are all nice and are actually very loving despite their being “different”.

Some people I associate care too much about what people think, judge too much and don’t give people chances, just how I used to. But who doesn’t every once in a while? I feel that since realizing the importance of being open minded I’ve become a better person, have gotten a better outlook on life, and have since been able to enjoy it more. I believe if everyone was also even a little more open minded the world would be better; it wouldn’t stop global warming or help starving children, but would still result positively.