I believe that change should be eliminated

Kyle - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that change should be eliminated. Really, who has the space when you quick jog over to store for a PowerAde because I was out of green squall to carry 89 cents? When you have to hold a beverage, run, and carry 3 quarters, 1 dime, and 4 pennies with no pockets, this is quite a hassle. If everything was rounded to the nearest dollar everything would be one heck of a lot easier

Think about it; look at the ways that change is made. A large negative mold made into a smaller positive mold then to a smaller still negative mold, and the process goes on through another process of positive/negative copying until its finally the right size for the quarter that you hold today in your pocket, or in your car, or your purse, or lost in the couch somewhere never to see the light of day again. Look at all the man hours and the energy it takes to make all of these molds and dies and forms and whatever else that may be needed if a machine breaks down or something. Look at the costs of the materials even. If we stopped using metal coins and switched completely over to bills, the price of the various metals needed to create these coins and the price of the energy that is put into these processes could all be fed back into the community if we just eliminated the stupid coin.

We have a large jug that we just toss all of our silver change into at my house and we also have a large jar for pennies. As far as I can recall we haven’t counted that jar since I was 3 years old (the only reason I remember that is because after we dumped it all out I played in all of the coin until dad got it all counted.) What is all that change going to do? We just took it all into the bank and got it all switched out for cash money.

Now I know this is probably never going to happen and that this is a large stretch, but it’s just an idea. Because of the whole 200 pounds of change just hanging around in your basement thing is just a little bit funny even if you don’t agree with this am I right? What if all the change in the world were somehow magically to become people? I’m talking like little coins with like arms and legs and gloves and stuff. Those little guys would be everywhere. We would have a major uprising on our hands. That’s not possible I know, but it’s a little something to think about. When all that change is just sitting around, it’s not doing any good for anybody, but if it wasn’t there; then that would be much better. That is what I believe.