Cancer is Me

Ali - Corrales, New Mexico
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that cancer took my breast, yet made me whole again.

I believe in the strength of my friends, family and of that of strangers.

I believe that the small gifts in life are really what to hold true. The sloppy kisses of a child, the purring of a cat or the kind gesture of a stranger.

I believe that friendship is my glue.

I believe that gratitude is something that lives in tandem with my God. It is through gratitude in which one can see clearly. Not through anger. I believe my cancer has shown me this.

I am a better giver than receiver

But it is in the receiving that one becomes humble.

I believe that the greatest gift that I have given others is the power of awareness. Aware that we are all human, to love and embrace our similarities, and differences. Aware that we can start with one human, to create a wave of difference in our home, community and the world.

I believe that my life is to be lived, not just as a cog in a larger wheel.

I believe that cancer is me. I am cancer. I am those lessons learned. It is all intertwined.

I believe I create my destiny.

Cancer does not discriminate is includes all ages, religions and gender. I believe that we should not discriminate with regards to treatment.

And, I believe mostly, that I am grateful for my cancer and to continue to breathe and live. I believe I am the lucky one.