Spanking an effective way to manage behavior

Regina - Westland, Michigan
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Spanking an effective way to manage behavior

Will hitting a child stop them from misbehaving? I think spanking a child will not necessarily stop them from continually doing something over again. According to, Spanking is a form of corporal punishment that generally consists of striking the buttocks of a child. It means the intentional infliction of pain on the body for purposes of punishment or controlling behavior. It includes slapping, spanking, hitting with objects, pinching, shaking, and forcing to stand for long periods of time.

Hitting a child teaches them to become hitters themselves, and how to be violent, and have not to be able to solve problems, how can you show love to someone that is hitting you? The saying your children are a product of their environment. Time has shown us the more children are spanked, the more likely their going to hit others like husband/wife, children (their own).

The quotes that says “Spare the rod and spoil the child” kids should be spoiled, when my daughter is restless, hungry she tend to whine, but I know how she is, so I treat her accordable, all children are not the same so your treat them according to their needs.

I believe in other ways of discipline like verbal correction, reasoning, and time outs (works for me) and these ways do not harm the child by hitting. Spanking the child might increase the misbehavior, like a form of rebellion. We need to be a little more patient with ourselves and our children, I try to put myself in their little shoes, you have this big person in your face yelling, screaming, and hitting, this is intimidation and degrading, Why wouldn’t a child grow up to imitate the same patterns? This I believe: So denounce the violence against children.