kelly - monroe, Michigan
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

“Taught To Fear”

We are taught as children to be fearful, we are taught to fear people we have never met, we are taught to fear objects, we are taught to fear god and mortality. Why when we enter this world are we taught to be scared of the unknown?

Have you ever seen a horrifying movie and paid to be scared? Have you ever driving by an accident and slowed down to look at the person lying on the pavement? Have you ever touched something and immediately washed your hands, because you thought that what you may have touched; may harm you? These are all examples of human nature. Human nature means to protect our selves from everyone and everything.

When we watch that scary movie we see these unnatural things that humans do, and we get scared, we even in a way enjoy the rush, of being scared. Thinking that these things could never come from a real person. When sometimes they do.

When we drive by the accident and see the person dying on the road, is it because we are concerned for them or is it because we are just thankful that it is not our selves.

I personally have come to grasp of my own fears. I believe that all my fears and anxiety stem from my adolescence. For instance I remember as a child my mother would pick up a spider and pretend to throw it at me, which then made me scared of them. By seeing her reaction to obtaining some fright in me it then made me become fearful of them. I think I am truly doing the same to my own child. I am deathly afraid of spiders, and my reaction to a spider around my son has made him fear spiders as well. When he is not with me and sees a spider he can pick it up and play with it, but when I am near he screams like a newborn baby. I have taught him to fear.

I am that person who watches on the side of the road and grateful that it is not I. I am that person who is afraid when I go to bed I will not wake up, I am that person that washes her hands after she touches anything I believe to be harmful and I am that person who fears GOD!

Does anyone else live in fear daily? Does anyone else know what it’s like to not want to drive your car, because your afraid a semi is going to run you off the road? I am tired of the fear!

When can we all stop living our lives in fear!!!!!!!!!!!