Dance like nobobys watching

Skyler - 29910, South Carolina
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Im 14 years old and I was thinking about suicide. I’ll tell you why. Everybody’s worried about how they look and if there wearing the right cloths, and if they impress someone. Well i think there shallow. I have no room to talk. For the longest time i was all caught up in what other people thought of me. And it made me feel horrible for people to call me names and make fun of me because I didnt have the newest cloths. My perents arent the riches people in the world. But anyways Instead of just going on and killing myself i decided to talk to someone i know wont judge me. My cousin jessica. She’s just like my best friend. But i told her and she told me that I shouldnt care what other people think. If I like the way i look then nothing else matters. And she got through to me. So know I DANCE LIKE NOBODYS WATCHING, SING LIKE NOBODYS LISTENING AND I MAKE LIFE ROCK THE WAY I WANT IT NOT THE WAY OTHERS WANT IT.