Deceitful to the Eyes

Ashley - Clinton Township, Michigan
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The sun just meets the horizon when the young woman awakens from a restless night of tossing and turning. Lethargic and drowsy, she proceeds toward the bathroom, preparing to face the lengthy day yet to come. A single glance in the mirror and she is appalled by her appearance. She locates the reliable make-up bag; all of her security and self-assurance seized within. Once her face is thoroughly applied, her feelings toward the mirror are immediately altered. Assortments of cosmetics now substitute what she previously considered a monstrosity of a face. Do you imagine she’s beautiful now?

Beauty is a compelling yet perilous component of life. It can become the shotgun of trepidation or the most reassuring element that motivates you throughout the day. To me, I believe preserving your physical appearance to its fullest is an incredibly significant matter. Does it only resemble the world as a more, shall we say, scenic place, but it also demonstrates to each human being that you possess the aptitude to take care of yourself. However, there are exceptions. Although your exterior is deemed as a notable beauty, you may be deceitful and lacking the most valuable, essential asset—inner beauty.

You may possibly question, “What exactly is inner beauty?” Inner beauty may be perceived as not what you observe with your eyes, but what captivates your heart. Whether you realize it or not, one of the most compelling, influential components of life is derived from inner beauty—love. Love is: what can revive the ravenous men, women and children in Africa, what a soldier illustrates while he is away from home defending his nation from foreign invasions and warfare, or even comforting a missing child who was separated from their mother. Those pure of heart are capable of seeing, not just with the eyes, but what genuinely lies beneath. A unique individual, who will remain anonymous, once proclaimed, “You don’t love a woman because she’s beautiful; she is beautiful because you love her.”

When you stare out the car window while driving home, what do you see? Perhaps you observe just the standard, run-of-the-mill world with its everyday, ordinary people, or maybe you witness a marvelous creation that possesses a much deeper derivation from inner beauty: nature. Simplicities such as a garden complete with vivacious flowers in the midst of spring, gazing over the peak of Mount Everest, and lying on the beach, toes buried in the sand, appreciating the sunset on a warm summer evening are just a few examples of what nature has in store. Only those with a perceptive soul will be capable of appreciating such an exceptional delicacy. Although a day may appear where we humans will no longer stagger this earth, nature’s reign will fortunately prevail.

I believe in beauty. Whether it be the heart of a succulent, emerald rainforest in the Amazon, intently gazing into the eyes of your loved one whom you cherish so significantly, or watching this year’s Miss America on your contemporary high-definition television, you cannot evade beauty’s infinite existence. Be pleased with who you are, and remember that you too are beautiful, in addition to everything surrounding you.