Politics are corrupting religions throughout the world

Amanda - Hesperia, California
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What do I believe in? I believe that religion is just another form of politics that people use as an excuse to start wars and dominate over other cultures. Beliefs differ from region to region, so why should we all believe in one single thing? It seems like the different religions are competing for numbers, not for people. According to the website persecution.com many people die everyday due to religious conflicts, and in countries all throughout the world people are constantly being persecuted and murdered for their faith in God.

All throughout the world right now there are countless things happening to those who claim any kind of faith, all because they don’t believe in what their government tells them to. I was reading on a website called persecution.com and there are two different types of nations that restrict faith in God, one type is called “restricted nations” where the government restricts what religious groups are allowed to say or what kind of literature they are allowed to put out, and even have laws against being part of those religions. An example of a restricted nation is China, where according to persecution.com, on August 17, 2008 Chinese officials confiscated over 315 Bibles from a Christian group. Then there are the “hostile areas” where the government may try to provide protection to these groups who are being persecuted, or they might not care at all. On Christiantoday.com there is an article about how a group of Christians was attacked by a group of individuals who are against what the Christians stand for, in Turkey, that is what a hostile area is. Lastly, there are certain groups of other religions that take things into their own hands and persecute the people who are from religions not of their own.

This war on terrorism that we are in right now was started because a group of extremist Muslims that do not approve of the fact that in America we are free to choose what religion we want to believe in and follow. These terrorists, decided to attack The World Trade Center and the Pentagon and in doing so initiated a war. I look at all the things happening in the world and most of which can be traced back to religious differences between cultures and politics. If only politics could be taken out of religion, maybe these bad things would not happen. Wars should be over territorial reasons rather than because one religion doesn’t approve of another one, people do not have to believe in the same thing. Who on Earth can truly state that their religion is the right one? No one knows for sure what is out there, maybe God is real, maybe Allah is real, maybe Buddha is real, maybe any of those worshipped in any religion are real, the only ones who know for sure are the deities themselves.

Personally I believe in God, because that is how I was raised, however recently I have started to do my own personal search to find out what is real to me. I have been trying to put aside the bias from what I was raised with for the search of my own true believe. I do not want to be swarmed by messengers from every religion, I want to do my own research in my own way, because with all the politics from different churches it is hard to tell what is real and what is not. We may never be able to successfully take politics out of religion, that is how things have become. There will always be different religions and beliefs, on what one true God does exist. Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, Mormons, and many more religions all are based on the belief in one true God, yet they all dislike one another thinking that they are the one true religion. What if there is more than one correct religion? What if none of these are right? There are so many questions that can be asked based on the theory of different religions and belief systems.

With all these things in mind I have come to the conclusion that most religions are now consumed with politics. These religions are trying to gain more power by winning people over to their side. I personally believe that there is something that can be done to stop the wars that are started because different religions cannot get along. They just need to keep to themselves and let others be and believe what they want to believe in. Who are they to judge other religions anyways? I believe that if the politics were taken out of religion that this world would be a better place and with a lot less hate.