I Believe in eternal love

Micah - USA
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe in Eternal Love

Do you believe in eternal love? Some would say they do but it is hard others would say no. I believe yes there is eternal love in couples. There is not true love without work or God. You cannot be in true love and just walk away you need to work to keep it, true love is eternal.

Eternal love may confuse many people because they do not understand the meaning of eternal love; those are the people that do not understand what a true marriage is. Statistics show that over 70 percent of couples get divorced within the first 15 years. Most would say that there is no eternal love or that eternal love is just a myth. That is simply not true; Americas are getting lazier and lazier every generation. When they come in contact with any conflict in their marriages they just give up and divvy up the money and go separate ways. With the give up attitude of Americans there is no doubt in my mind that eventually over 90 percent of married couples will get divorced within the first 15 years.

Though my personal experience with divorces is minimal I know how much it can hurt though the words and emotions of some of my closest friends that have directly experienced this pain. From the child or the husband of the divorcee, tearing apart father and child or mother and child, causing constant friction between now separate families, it seems that the main cause of this is just a lack of communication which is just lazy communication.

Even though statistics say that the leading cause of divorce is lack of communication, I believe the real reason is… life without God. One hundred percent of marriages that truly have God in the marriage have eternal love. If you do not have the Lord in your life achievements mean nothing, to me so even if you live and love your spouse until you die it means nothing.

With eternal love there must be two things; God, the glue that keeps people together and helps with molding of love. Work, without the hard work that it takes to keep love people don’t deserve eternal love.