Art and Death

Alex - Boston, Massachusetts
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

A topic, of which people do not like to get into, is the topic of death. Most people in the world are afraid to die. Is it because they afraid of what will happen next? Is it because they feel that they have not accomplished their goal in life? Or is it because it is an un-expected surprise? Why all of this fear? One should not be afraid of what death will bring, or when it will happen. I believe that death is an art form, and the most beautiful kind.

A painter picks up his brush. He begins to dab it onto the palette, choosing the necessary colors that will help explain the emotions and thoughts of the art piece. Then there is a moment where an undesired smudge appears. Yes, the artist gets upset. But the smudge will not stop him from continuing with the painting. He takes his brush and palette and finds a way to “fix” the smudge. After a bit of time on the mistake, he feels better because the smudge looks like it belonged the entire time. Then finally, the painting is complete. The artist remembers the struggle and the effort that was put on to this painting, then feels like an accomplishment has been made. And finally hangs up his painting, without ever touching it again.

A mother has a child. As the years go on, this boy discovers new abilities. He can move his fingers where he feels like; he can grab a pencil and write his name, he can type a two-paged paper for his high school English class. This boy, who is now a grown man, has entered college. During his life in college and beyond, he encounters events that he is not very proud of, but learns to accept his mistakes.

Now in his old age, he lies on his bed and remembers and admires the past that he had. A few moments later his body is lying in a coffin, without making another movement ever again.

Both the painting and the boy became pieces of art. Both of them went through different stages of discovery and accomplishment. People begin as nothing, only a single minded child. It is similar to how a painting can start as a single line. But as time goes on both pieces begin to gain more detail to them. The struggle of the painter is very much part of the art piece. It is not only the final portrait that should be declared art. It is the process as well that makes it what it is. It is the ideas that the artist had during the brush swipes, it is the ideas that the boy had during his life. These details help construct the end. Then it is the end that makes the piece so beautiful. It is the completion of the body that amazes me. To see it in its last form. To see it as history. To see it as a portrait.