Why Parents should Argue in a Respectful Manor

Brieanna - edwardsville, Illinois
Entered on October 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Why parents should Argue in a Respectful Manor

Now that I am eighteen and out of the house I realize how strongly I feel about certain subjects. I have developed my own thoughts and feelings with out being influenced by loved ones. When you are around people who believe something it is just kind of natural to agree. Now that I have grown to be an adult I have developed my own feelings. I believe that parents should learn to argue in a respectful way.

Knowing how to argue is a huge part in every relationship, weather it is between a significant other, family member, or friend. Arguing the right way can be very hard for many people, including me. For eighteen years the only way I knew how to argue was to yell, curse, and say anything to hurt he other person. It is a very un-easy feeling watching you mom get called every name in the book because she did something that ticked my dad off. Once this happens then it is like World War 3.

I also believe that it is not right or fair to argue about marital problems in fort of your children. By doing this parents are opening up way to much information to their kids. My mother and I are very close, she is not only my mom but also my best friend, so when there was an argument between her and my father she would come and vent to me. I love my mom and I never knew what to do so I would listen and talk to her about the problems. Little did either of us know but by her spilling her feeling to me it would put me in the middle of their arguments almost every time.

These are only a few minor examples of why parents should learn how to argue the right way and avoid putting children in the middle of their problems. I feel it is very selfish for parents to do this. It makes children feel like they are forced to pick sides since they are put in the middle, and no child should have to pick between their mother and father.