biracial relationships

Loren - st. louis, Missouri
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in biracial relationships. Being raised in an all white family with no interactions with other races, it surprises me that I have come to this belief-especially since I grew up thinking people of the same races belong together. Occasionally I would see couple’s that were in biracial relationships around town and tell myself, “I’m never going to date out of my race”. In the society I grew up in, biracial relationships were frowned upon as imperfection, and in the world imperfection is a bad thing.

It was not until high school that I started to experience interactions with people of different races. I had a lot of African American kids attend the same school as me. As I started meeting new people and making new friends, my views changed in the race value. In December of my junior year I brought an African American guy home with me one day after school to study for our final the next week. My parents gave me this look as he walked in the door that made my stomach drop. They told me how wrong I was to bring a man of a different race into my home. I listened to what they said but didn’t agree with any of it. After all the more time I spent with Antwon the more I learned about his culture and where he came from. I was no more against biracial relationships since we started dating by the end of our junior year. It took a really long time to convince my parents it was going to be okay but in the end they realized it was something that made their daughter happy and they were not going to do anything to ruin that. Once they got to know him they found a place in their heart to love him no matter what his skin color was.