Voting for Change

Jessica - Granite City, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

We all complain about the state our country, the United States of America, is in.

We ask, beg, and plead for change, and with the presidential election upon us we just

might receive that change.. Various individuals, strong, independent women fought for many

years so that I could vote so who am I to turn down that right. I will vote in this upcoming

election because it is not only my right but my responsibility, I will vote for change, because

voting is the only way to receive the change our country needs, and this I strongly believe.

Sometimes I shutter when I think of the state of our country. The tools,

policies, and the way this country is being run is not working. We demand change, but

that is easier said than done, or is it? We have been given this gift, this insight or

opportunity to help run our country and yet so often people refuse that opportunity. That

opportunity is the right to vote. If we all voted we could truly have a sense of control over our

nation. Alone we cannot change our nation, but if we all band together and vote, for whatever

candidate, we can impose change.

I will vote because it is my responsibility, it is my responsibility to help change this

nation for the better. It is our obligation to elect the person who will run our

country for the next four years; we must select someone who will lead with our nations

best interest as a whole. By voting in the 2008 presidential election I am helping to guide our

country and to create a better future . To be president is an enormous job, but to elect a president

is an equally admirable, difficult job as well. It is so easy to sit back and let the world go on

around you, but to go out and take responsibility for your country by voting is so much more


I do not approve of the way this country is currently being lead.

We so often complain about our nations leader and the

way he chooses to do things. Yet we make no effort to change the way things are. Some

might ask how can I change anything? You can vote! Then when this countries new

leader takes office you can praise or complain all you desire, but if you did not vote,

whatever your excuse, you can sit back and keep your mouth closed because you had a

chance to evoke change and you simply threw that chance away. I believe in voting for

myself, so that I can feel accomplished and be an important part of how our world works.

It is my responsibility and my well deserved right. We all should take advantage of what

those before us fought for, and that is our right to vote