Controversial Religions

Courtney - Godfrey, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“Controversial Religions”

Things today are not what they were long ago. Growing up as with a Protestant background and transitioning and experiencing the Catholic faith has what I believe caused controversial issues within my family throughout my high school years.

My changes in beliefs first appeared to me when I started high school. As growing up as I mentioned I went to a Baptist church and I had to decide to enter into a Catholic high school. It was very difficult for my family to adapt or understand why I had decided to go to a different faith’s school. High school had affected my family because they did not understand what I believed which is that all faiths are equal in a way. My family acted different towards me because I was going to a catholic school and was learning new and different standards, morals or ideals that were different from what I grew up knowing.

I had experienced issues with how I believed in religion. One issue in particular I had experienced is my aunt was a strict southern Baptist and she was one of the many to try to keep me from going to school there because to her she believed Catholics worshiped only Mary and not God. Not only my relatives, but my church family as well had issues with me attending a Catholic school. One of their issues was exactly what my aunt had believed. I was very angry at both my family and church most times because I did not feel as if she was well educated about the catholic faith.

As I discovered through the years how controversial this matter is to my family I had decided to come to the conclusion not to be any sort of faith To this day I am nor Baptist or Catholic. As in the United States Constitution, the first amendment states one has the right of freedom towards religion and how one practices it. It was not until I turned eighteen that my family realized that there was nothing more they could do and let me live my life the way I wanted to and choose what religion I want to believe and practice.