It Only Takes One Time; Drinking and Driving

Conner - East Moline, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, setbacks

It Only Takes One Time; Drinking and Driving

It was my junior year in high school and it was my friend Logan’s birthday, he just turned 17 and we were at my buddy Marshall’s house having a good time and just hanging out. These three girls, Aubree, Alieh, and Chelsea, showed up super drunk and one, Sarah, hadn’t been drinking at all. We didn’t think anything of it because these girls always drink and nothing ever happens. This was all before they decided to leave my friend’s house belligerent.

As they left I was listening to them squeal their tires and scream laughing while doing it, they sounded like an animal dying in the nearby woods. A few moments after they left I heard a quiet thud down the street. If it wasn’t for that thud I would have never gone the way I decided to go. When I turned past this sharp corner I seen a brand new Ford Explorer tipped over lying in a ditch with all the windows broken out and all the air bags deployed. However, I didn’t see anyone in the car, all I seen was a sweatshirt that Aubree was wearing that night lying in the middle of the road. My heart immediately dropped I thought all the girls, who were my close friends, killed themselves. If I could explain the feeling I had at that moment would, but it is just impossible to explain. I hope no one ever has to have that feeling ever in their lives.

When I got out of my car I soon realized that they were all still breathing but hurt very badly. The driver, Chelsea, however wasn’t hurt at all; Sarah was hurt the worst and didn’t even drink all night. She didn’t have one sip of alcohol all night and she ended up having a broken pelvis and couldn’t walk for over three months. Aubree and Alieh both suffered concussions and some scratches but Aubree had a severe concussion and was bleeding from her head. I tried to keep them calm and telling them that everything will be alright, then I looked over and seen Aubree, the girl that was bleeding from her head, start having a seizure in the middle of the road. I ran over to her and started to comfort her and talk to her.

This day changed my life forever, I will never forget this night. It changed my views on drinking and driving in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one time to drink and drive, even if you have done it million times; all it takes is one single accident to end your life or change your life forever. I want people to learn from my mistakes; from now on if I know my friends are going out and will be drinking I will always be the first volunteer to be the designative driver.