Everlasting Love

Sarah - St.Joseph, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Everlasting love is like faith it’s not an object one physically touches or sees but something one must feel everyday. Every time I hug my boyfriend I can feel my love for him growing stronger. I can see why some say that love is something made up in movies or on TV, but love and everlasting love are two different things. When I say everlasting love I mean the kind of love that qualifies for marriage and waking up everyday to find the same person you fell in love with 20 years ago next to you. With the divorce rate at over 50% now in the United States it’s conceivable why some people believe that it’s not impossible to love someone unconditionally. Usually the movie ends before we see the happily ever after couple live together for 20 years. In real life staying in love takes determination; determination to overcome everyday obstacles with your partner can be difficult but many do it because they need that person in their life.

The people who taught me how to love someone everyday were my grandparents, by watching their interaction with each other. Like my grandpa would always cook delicious meals that were usually my grandma’s favorites, and she would thank him with a kiss or a hug. I can still remember them dancing together in the living room to an old whining country song. Their cheeks were always pressed against each others. The sound of their laughter as they would whisper secrets to each still rings in my ears. In fact, the Country Music Channel was always on TV, so there was lots of dancing days.

Some would say they are worried that my generation will not want to work towards real long lasting love. That long term relationships died with another generation. In my experience I have learned that love is not for the weak or selfish. It’s for those who want to sacrifice and work hard everyday because seeing their partner content with their life makes them content with their own life. I believe in the end everyone is looking for that special person to complete them, someone to share their life with through the good times and the bad. Everyone wants to be cared about; supported, and needed by someone, everyday of his or her life, I believe these actions are the best part of everlasting love.