Justice Maybe

Adam - Edwardsville, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: injustice

I believe that the justice system we have works well but does have the occasional problem. The town I grew up in had fairly good quality police officers. After my few encounters with police officers over the years from other places than my home town, I get a different feeling about the police.

My friend Zach called me up and asked what I was doing that night. I told him I didn’t have anything to do but a bunch of guys were going to see the football team play. My friends and I piled in the car and took off. When we arrived, I walked to the booth and politely asked for one ticket. The person gave me my ticket and I started walking to the bleachers. The next thing I knew I was getting yelled at. My friends, who came in after me, told me that someone wanted my attention. A man sitting behind the booth was saying something to me but I couldn’t hear him. I stopped and turned at him with a puzzled look on my face. He said in an angry tone, “I need your ticket.” I replied, “oh sorry” in a confused voice because of the fact that he was so mad at me for not doing anything.

The reason I was so confused was because there was a booth to buy tickets and then a foot away there is a man sitting out of view as you walk in collecting the tickets we had just bought. My friends were just watching now and were all a little shocked by what just happened. As I turned to walk away he mumbled, “If you didn’t stop I was going to have to tackle you to the ground.” I replied to all of that by out loud by saying “That was stupid.” Right after I said that a police officer appeared in front of me and said in a stern voice, “If you don’t like it you can get the fuck out of here.” He was in my face and continued yelling at me. “I don’t think you know how things work around here. This isn’t Chillicothe, why shouldn’t I throw your ass out right now?” I told him that I didn’t do anything. He responded by telling me I did and couldn’t act that way around authority figures. I stood there unsure what was going to happen to me as he stared me in the eyes. The last thing he said was “Get out of here.”

Everyday there are stories of people who have treated others wrongly and many times is the person who is suppose to be enforcing laws insuring that justice. If someone is consistently acting up they will be reprimanded for their actions and justice will come through. I believe that is true for the most part but like I said before it’s not a perfect system and people do have occurrences with the justice system.