A Friendship that Lasts a Lifetime

Whitney - Carol Stream, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Friendship that Lasts a Lifetime

Friendship plants its own seed in your own garden, and when you find that friend plant that seed and do not look back. I have been living for 18 years and about 15 of them I have had the same best friend in Vito Benigno. I grew up with him and I contribute a lot of who I am today to him. I believe friendships can help you grow as a person and help shape you into what you are today.

Growing up I had a brother, but we never go along. I never had a connection with my brother and I still do not to this day. Vito fills that void that my brother cannot fill; Vito has been a better brother to me than my own. Talking to a person helps you learn as well as talk about your problems.

“Do what you will, always walk where you like, your steps; do as you please I’ll back you up” are lyrics to a Dave Matthews Band song. We always support each other and I still come to Vito with all of my problems. Whenever we have to talk we go the park down the street from us, lay under the stars and talk. Vito is the easiest person to talk to and he understands me and takes me for who I am. Before I left for college we went to the park to talk, at the time he was going to quit football and I just ended softball and am not playing anymore. He would ask for my advice about what I think he should do about football and he would feel comfortable talking to me about it. I would tell him about softball and how it was so hard for me to not be playing anymore, but I also told him about how scared I was to leave for college. He reassured me that everything would be okay and that he would always have my back. At a young age Vito taught me to put things into perspective and that everything will work out. I always try and remember what he taught me in whatever life throws at me when we are not hanging out. Never once has he given up on our friendship just as I have never given up on it as well. I believe everyone has that one person they have not given up on and turn to when times get tough.

There are just some people in life that makes you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live a little better. He was my seed that bloomed into an everlasting friendship. We know everything about each other. Fifteen years of friendship takes work; there are some rough spots along the way. I believe one friend-one person can help you grow as a person and help shape you into the person you are today.