The Grey Area

Jonathan - Glenarm, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: good & evil

Throughout time, the concept of good and evil has been debated.

Everyone holds their own beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Many

people believe the same things about what is good or evil and through that,

laws were created. However, I believe that right and wrong only exists through

each person’s individual perceptions and therefore differs between people.

When I was a child, the line between right and wrong seemed to be

clearly drawn. I would always bring and share my collection of Power Ranger

action figures with other kids. Sharing was considered a good thing and the

teachers encouraged. We were taught that getting along with each other was an

important value to learn at a young age. Stealing and hitting each other were

considered wrong and children who did those things were punished. One girl

would try to steal some of my toys because she was at the “mine” stage, and

everything had to belong to her. The teachers disciplined her because she took

my toys. There was a clear line between right and wrong it seemed.

As I grew up the line between right and wrong faded away and was

replaced by a grey area that was completely dependent on a person’s view. As I

grew up, I learn many things about right and wrong. I was always taught that

killing is wrong and people who kill should be punished harshly. If killing is

so wrong, why does the United States government allow the death penalty for

people who have committed major crimes? I believe that killing is morally evil

and that killing in any form is wrong. Many people share this view, and most of

the government shares part of this view. However, the government believes that

death for certain crimes is the right thing to do because of the seriousness of

crimes. As I grew up, I experience the world and learned the line between right

and wrong varies between people.

I realized not every person will have the same views over what is right

and wrong. However, some of the beliefs that the majority of people believe

strongly have become the basis for the laws of our government. People’s line

between good and evil can be very close and most are. However, they can be

miles apart as history has shown us. I believe that good and evil, right and

wrong, are not finite, they are unique to each individual based on their

beliefs and values. It is up to each person to do what they believe is right

even if others believe they are wrong.