Friends Forever

Jordan - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Friendship. I once had a good friend named Sara, but she had to go to Hellstern. She told me she had become very good friends with a girl named Amanda, whom I had met once or twice. She told me she didn’t really have many other friends since she was partly new and the friends she did have, not many people, were not going to like her much if she stayed friends with them. So, I meet her in my seventh grade second period history class. At first I didn’t think she was great, but soon enough we started talking a lot. We were in trouble a lot but, we were still the teacher’s favorite students.

As we started talking more we became better and better friends. Soon we were just insuperable. We were even on the phone twenty-four-seven. The first time I spent the night at her house her parents treated me like they had known me as long as she had. Later, I found out it was because she talked about me a lot, but never bad just good so her parents liked me. I was at her house a lot after that night.

In May of ’08 I had to switch schools because of a bad choice I had made. Amanda and I did not speak much while I was at the new school. Thankfully Helen Tyson had a soccer game with J.O. Kelly, and she was there to watch her friends play. I was leaving detention when I walked by the game, and decided to go watch too. Then I saw Amanda for the first time in so long, I was so happy we hung out the entire time.

The school year started to end, and then the terrible news came. Amanda had to move to Texas! There were other scares of her having to move, but this one was real, the others never actually happened. I was so worried we would lose contact since we would not be able to see each other very often, even if it was once every two weeks. When she did move we had promised each other that we would keep in contact and, email, text, call, or even send letters.

When we started getting distant I had to call her so we would not fall further apart. Then we promised each other we would talk every day no matter what. Then school started, we did not talk as much since we both had massive loads of homework we had to do. On weekends we talk and try to make up for the missed time over the week. We wouldn’t get to talk if we had a friend over, or we were at a friends house. All because of a conversation with a former friend, we became best friends for life and, I hope to God it will stay like this forever. This is why I believe in friendship.