Friendship Is Important!!

Yara - Springdale, Arkansas
Entered on October 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe friendship is important to life. I believe this because it is important to have friends when I truly need them. I know this from personal experiences I’ve been through because I’ve been through a lot of things my friends helped me through. Now here are some reasons why friendship is important.

First, it is so important I have friends around because when I felt really sad about something and they just cheered me up. It’s important to always have friends have friends because in personal experiences I had some of my friends needed me to be there for them and it was because they helped me with everything I needed. Friends are usually always right and I should have listened to the warnings they would give me. In my 13 years of having friends there for me I have never listened to one. This year I’m in 8th and I was given a lot of warnings and I didn’t listen to any of them and here’s what happened I got hurt because of what had happened to him. He got in trouble and was suspended because of gang related stuff and my friends told me not to cry because he always gets in trouble but I didn’t believe them and I did start cry because of my friend. I didn’t see him until his suspension was over and then he found out because of his actions and he felt bad and he promised me he wouldn’t get in trouble again.

Finally, its important to have friends is because they tell us how to do something I would not understand. For example: like math homework. Say if I didn’t get what the teacher meant and my friends or friend did understand I could just call them and ask them how I do this work and they would help on the problem. Then if I still didn’t understand I could just skip the question and then move on. When I had a problem understanding a question I had in math, and I called my friend Karla and asked her for help and she came over for about an hour or two and she helped me with my work. Then I asked her if she could please help me with my science homework because I didn’t understand if either. She helped me and before she left she said “oh I almost forgot to ask can I have some help on my history homework?” So I helped her with it and then she left.

Those are my reason why I think friendship is really important to have. Now we see how friendship is really important to have because they can help us with homework and they can also cheer us up.